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  Meet Your Instructor: Christa Chambers-Price

Recent Feedback:

Jeannie Ballew - EditorChrista’s Business Story Generator is nothing short of genius. No one else is doing what she is doing—it’s truly way ahead of the game. Going through her process for Edit Prose, my book coaching and editing business, has revitalized our vision, injected the entire team with enthusiasm, and given us clear goals to target. We have widened the scope of our offerings, expanded our market and developed a concrete plan to move us forward. One of the most valuable benefits so far has been that Christa listened deeply then reflected back to us each team member’s unique gifts and talents in a profound and compelling way that has helped each of us feel excited and confident when sharing Edit Prose with others. We are extremely grateful for the work to date and can’t stop talking about it!
Jeannie Ballew, Chief Writer's Champion and Editor, Edit Prose

Clifford Scholz - Assistant Editor

"My work with Christa has been a revelation, helping me to better understand what I’m bringing to the world and clarifying what I want to do in the future. Christa’s probing questions helped me to find the authentic core deep below the level of my professional skills and competencies. She then distilled our conversation into concise and actionable language that points the way forward in my life and career. I feel a renewed sense of excitement for my work and the value I’m creating because I see how it connects to who I am as a person. That’s a very special gift."
Clifford Scholz, Assistant Editor, Edit Prose

Robert Brodnick: Executive Trainer and Coach

"Your session at our executive retreat was right on target. It gave the team time to laugh and play with possibilities. They delivered their stories in front of the company and owners with zeal and impact. The presentations were refined and tied into the strategies. All in all, the team has emerged with a great strategic framework and the focus they need to implement their ideas and tactics."
Robert Brodnick Ph.D., Vice President for Strategy and Innovation | Strategic Initiatives

William Lamb, AttorneyIf you are looking for help in creating a great message about your business, I recommend Christa Chambers-Price’s business story generator program, and here’s why. Although I already felt comfortable overall as a writer, I wasn’t confident about writing documents to market my law firm or to portray myself positively to potential clients. Christa’s story creation process helped me identify what was important and push through the self-imposed barriers that held me back from telling the best parts of my story. Her positive energy and her encouragement – not to mention a helpful ‘nudge’ now and again! – allowed me to create a much better version of my business story than I could have done on my own.
William A. Lamb, PLC, Attorney, Chelsea, Michigan

Michelle Massey Barnes - PhotographerIt has been a pleasure and a delight working with Christa and learning about the Business Story Generator. The importance of story is not something that is new to me. I understand how important it is to tell people WHY you do what you do. Conversations that make connections are conversations that lead to fruitful work. With that said, I have been having a hard time putting my story into words. What I have wanted to say has so many layers and variations. My message kept getting scrambled up. It was coming across jumbled and inconsistent. People were not responding.

I found the Business Story Generator Canvas to be a very helpful tool. It allowed me to breakdown my story into manageable pieces that are easy to remember. Each piece is strong enough to connect with my audience, but when I string all of the pieces together, I feel like people really understand who I am and the work I am doing. The canvas also includes breaking our story down into 3 anchors that hold the intent and the base level message of what you are communicating. I have found these anchor words to be remarkably useful in guiding all of my marketing activities.

Christa has brought her own strengths to the work we have done together. She encourages me, she keeps me moving forward (even when I want to retreat under the covers) and she always tell me what she thinks I need to know (which is not necessarily what I want to hear). I know that she believes in me and that makes it easier to pick myself back up each time I stumble.

At this point, I am much more fluid when I tell my story. People connect and people respond. They want to know more and this gives me the opportunity to tell them more about the services that I offer. It also means that the people that come to me are sincerely looking for what I offer and not just the type of services I provide. My clients are a better fit, and this is better for everyone.

I highly recommend Christa Price and the Business Story Generator to anyone that wants to stand out and stand up. Christa will put you through the wringer, but you will come out the other side ready to shine.

Michelle Massey Barnes Portrait Photographer, Chelsea, Michigan


"Great workshop. This was a great exercise in piecing together the story of my business. I would recommend this to colleagues."

"Did a great job of adapting to each person's situation, even a non-entrepreneur." (NOTE: this person is a senior manager at a manufacturing company)

"Great workshop. Very supportive and it helped me to really understand my work and my target customer and how to relate to them as human beings vs any other company."

"I loved this workshop. Thank you so much Mrs. Price. God Bless. I would love to be a part of this again."

"This was so valuable - Thank you!!! Your feedback and asking the groups' help on my behalf was proof positive you cared about me and my success. So grateful you that shared your experience and expertise with me after the workshop, too!"

"This was a great experience. It helped me shape my focus about my business. I really feel like I could use another day!! I'm 'Pharrell Happy. Thx Christa."

"I am tough on ratings but you did an excellent job on the class."

D:hive, Detroit, Michigan

David T. Lord - ConsultantThis is my personal recommendation for Christa Chambers-Price. I was first introduced to Christa on May 9, 2014 at the Torrence Learning Download event in Chelsea, Michigan, where she showed me the process that she had written and designed, The Business Story Generator.

Within minutes of her presentation, I saw the power of how organizing and conveying a compelling story would help my business stand out.

Shortly afterwards, I hired Christa to coach me (to prepare me for a presentation at a major conference) and we have completed The Business Story Generator process successfully. I found Christa's enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.

Christa helps clients craft powerful stories that engage both the minds and hearts of listeners. I highly recommend Christa Chambers-Price for her ability to guide clients to build purpose, clarity and confidence into their unique stories.

David T. Lord, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Mary Cooney
This course in conjunction with Christa's coaching, turned the overwhelming prospect of launching a new career into a fascinating journey. Her techniques combined with a balance of support & challenge are helping me make my story come true.
Que Jackson
I attended D hive!